Abuse me!

Cock worshipingThe whip stung more than normal today, but it was my fault for asking for a break after the fifteenth load in my poor abused teacher pussy. I shouldn’t have asked for fair, I don’t deserve fair, I deserve to be driven onto every cock they can manage to get to pay them my fee. I deserve to be choked while they rut, squeezed and pumped for hours like the dirty slut I’ve become. I like it this way, I couldn’t imagine another life now, not with the way these brats use me, abuse me, and whore me out. I once thought of the outside, a family so long forgotten, but now all I think about is my next meal and whether it’ll be real food or more delicious dick. I salivate at the thought, my pussy aching for more. I want to be gagged harder, punished more ferociously. I want to beg for the whip again because I know I deserve it, I must. I was too eager for a break, I have to ask them to put me back out there, I want more, need more. Give it to me!

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    • Vern on April 18, 2022 at 4:41 pm
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    I have a nude pantyhose fetish. Send me some pics of you! You look amazing.

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