Aching For You

Submissive phone sexEvery part of me aches with want of You.  I want to feel Your strong hands against my soft skin.  The sweet lash of Your single tail whip against my back, thighs, and ass.  I want to feel the bite of clamps against my tender nipples.  Your harsh demeaning words ringing in my ears.  To feel the rope press into my flesh as You tie Your toy tight.

I have never craved something so much in my life.  I know how that all feels, how You work your magic over Your whore.  The stress positions that You leave me in for a time until I beg for You to allow me to do your bidding.  This cunt is Yours, and Yours alone.  It belongs to no-one but You.  Every shallow breath, each soft moan, each gasp, and each orgasm is Yours.  Yours to allow or deny. 

I am here for You.  What type of slut do You wish for me to be for You today Sir? W/we have played so many times and each time I hear Your voice I melt.  I love the role-plays that You think up.  Your slut enjoys her time with You.  Thank You Sir, for blessing me with Your voice, and Your time.  I am forever grateful.

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