Bad Little Whores Like Me Please You

Cock worshiping


I’m a selfish little bitch, and I want to fuck you now. Tell me that you want to fuck me in front of everyone, tell me that you want to see all your friends smug faces as they watch us sexually devour each other. I’m here, I’m ready to be your out of control sex play toy. I love to do the most outlandish sex acts that your girlfriend turns her pretentious nose up to that causes you to miss out. My lover I’m begging you to, kiss me in my ear, stick your tongue deep inside please, I want to feel the warmth and wetness of you in all of my slut holes. I’m in absolute lust with your motherfucking pussy sucking lips, in fact, I love when you poke my cunt with your cock sucking coked up nose I want you all the time. When I share you with guys, it makes my pussy drip with joy. I fuck you whenever you want me and you already know that all you need to do is give me a few slut bucks, I know you’re good for it. Nasty little stinky fucking whores like me can’t get enough of vile, disturbing behavior. I know plenty of girls like me, and we all like to get wild. Any guy can find us fucking all night long outside even on the front lawn of your wife’s house if that’s what turns you on. Does that disgust you, do you think that will make your boring bitch of a wife angry? My dad told me that he could see early, I was going to grow to be so unruly? The truth is I don’t care how unruly I am. I don’t care how angry your wife gets, I want her to be mad. I want you to be crazy mad too, mad enough to not allow the bullshit you take from her anymore. I want you to be foaming at the mouth, ready to tear me apart with your huge hard thick cock. I’m a hot little whore with a real nasty mind; I’m sure you can get nasty with me. You should take me into your bedroom, lay my in your king size marital bed and suck my pussy, make me tremble from the sucking that you’re going to do down there. I’ve heard about your type, and I know you like to get really wild. Tonight is the night I want you to make me an even nastier cunt slut. My pussy is so hot and wet it’s just stirring to get to you. So what’s up you want Mr. Unhapply man, do you crave this pretty lot lizard pussy or what.

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