Eager to Please

Submissive Phone Sex

I’ll submit myself to you wholly and completely! I will bend to your every command. I love when you deprive my senses covering my face with thick leather so that I cannot hear, smell, taste or see. I don’t need them. A pain whore like me only needs fuck holes and nerves to feel the pain. And only thing I can feel now is the sweet agony you are inflicting on my body. Now that I am sensory deprived, the pain is intensified and euphoric. With every lash, I feel it pierce through my skin!

Bind my pitiful tits as you wish, master. Whip my blackened, swollen skin and hang me from your dungeon. Punish and use my pitiful body up! Pinch and torture my tits as they slowly blacken and begin to bleed. Clamp my clit and tie rubber bands around my cunt and watch it swell and throb. Hurt me, master! I’ll let you do anything, after all, I am eager to please!


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