Anal Cavity Stretching Done Right

Bondage Whore

My Master decided that my poor little asshole would make a delicious glove, but how to wear me best? He had been training my tight swirl with any number of large toys going from twelve inch cock to a butt plug the size of his hand. The time had come to see his hours of investment at work. He started out by taking out my last plug, so much bigger than the others. He uncorked my pooper and played with my stretched out hole, spreading open my hole with his thumbs and gazing at my insides. Master dips his hand into a bucket of lube, getting nice and greased up. Suddenly I felt his fingers pressing into my hole, drilling forward and filling my cavity. I’m feeling so full as he presses forward and makes me take it all the way. There is some resistance at the base of his hand but he doesn’t let my discomfort stop him from his task and he manages to slip his hand into my hole. I’m not given any time to rest as he makes a fist and shoves it inside of me, punching my asshole all the way up his forearm. I’m screaming in pain and pleasure as he rides my ass with his hand, my naked body open and vulnerable as I orgasm long and hard.

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