Anal Slave Put To Use!

Submissive sex I always tell everyone how much better sex is when you are tied up and forced to do what a man says. The throbbing sensation in your wrists and ankles when some circulation is cut off is an exhilarating feeling. There is no other excitement quite like the  warmness in your body as you feel your breathing stopping slowly while a hand is wrapped around your throat. I love to feel the blood rush back into my brain when a man releases my throat as I am cumming with him. My heart pounds harder and I sometimes pass out from the pleasuring sensations of going limp. 

With that, the easiest way to get ass fucked is when you do all the things I mentioned above. It relaxes your muscles and body which makes it way easier to slide a cock up your shitter. I have been a slave girl for a while now so I know all the things that make sex and sessions easier and way more fun. However, I also enjoy anal sex so anything to intensify the feeling of being ass fucked is a yes from me. However, we all know it doesn’t matter if I like it or not. A man is allowed to take a slave girl anyway he wants. 

Your master is in control of what your holes do/take; I learned and accepted that a long time ago. Life has been a lot easier since I just learned how to accept my place and spread my legs when told to. This is one of masters long time friends who enjoys anal so much. His name is Mike and he only likes slave cunts who truly love being ass fucked. He doesn’t want a difficult time trying to stick it in a sluts ass. He wants it to be just as easy as fucking a cunt or a mouth. So that is why I am always the lucky girl who gets to be his anal slut!

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