Another One Please

submissive whoreIt is Friday night and I know you are ready to play. I will get this party started for you baby because I know you want to punish me. I got this rope especially for you. A nice shade to match my hair. I will get it started. Placing it in all those places you just love to torture. Wrapping it tightly around my breasts so you can squeeze them. I will hold it in my mouth and wait your arrival. I hear you pull up and my pussy glistens with moisture. You always make me soaking wet. Knowing the pain and pleasure you inflict on me is intoxicating. You walk in smiling and kiss my forehead. You tell me to stay, and I don’t move. You return with our box of toys and finish bounding me. You pull tightly and my body starts to ache. The rope deep inside my slit rubbing hard against my slit. The rope squeezing my tits and nipples, turning them a shade of red. Then you kick me down face first with my ass in the air. You grab a whip and start your fun. I hear the sound of the whip being thrown back and almost orgasm as I beats across my bare ass. Thank you master I say, another one please.

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