Assuming the position

Submissive Whore

I’m an avid lover of submission, bondage, orgasm denial and control and just plain being experimented on. There really isn’t a whole lot that I haven’t done. Things that don’t do much for me are… vanilla (bored), romantic (too mushy), snuggling I don’t think so. I am your sub, your slave, here for any whim that comes to mind. My tits are sensitive; my ass is ready for use, and my pussy, my wet pussy is here for your every need. Now, all I need is a full-time Master. He wants to control me, use me, quell that inner need to bind and Dominate. Each time as I blog, I’d like to share my adventures and see where that leads you, in your mind was I used enough, was I denied long enough? How would you like to use me, Sir?

Bondage whore

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