Bad Mommy

slave training

We keep warm in this cold weather in more than one way; he likes his bad Mommy tied up ‘forced to watch’. He likes when she is ‘forced’ to help as he fucks her little ones, and forced her to take all that cock in her holes while those lil brats watch too. I know this is all part of his slave training. He needs his slut to be a very bad Mommy and that’s exactly what I am. I have no problem pimping out my lil boy and lil girl’s cunt and dicks. Then acting like I don’t want you to and begging you to fuck me. We both know that all you are going to do is fuck my lil ones and me almost at the same time. Mommy is going to suck her lil boys cock while you get a taste and a fuck of the girl. I know you’ve been dying to slide your cock into a tiny tight lil puffy pussy like hers and there she is waiting and ready for your cock – as ready as she will ever be. That thing is so huge compared to her little body and her cries and screams as she takes it makes me soaking wet which they soon will both taste.

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