Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

I worship my master, I know that without him I am nothing but scum on the ground. He owns all the rights to my holes and my body. He takes all of his frustration and stress out on me. When he gets home, I already know to get on my hands and knees and cater to him.

Tonight he is in a mood to teach me a lesson and I of course will do whatever he tells me to. He pulls my panties beneath my butt cheeks. He starts cracking his bare hands across my bubbly rump. I bit down on my lip and squeal as quietly as I can as I take him shooting the nerves up in my butt to my back.

I lay there, telling him how I will be a good girl and I will do whatever he says. He cracks his hand harder against my ass and I feel it burn, and get hot. I will take spankings whenever my master sees that I should.

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