Master’s new toy

submissive whoreI wanted to do something extra special for Master’s Thanksgiving, so I went out shopping. Not for food, or presents, but for a new kind of surprise. And I found her, of all places at my old church! She was just right, a little smaller than me, pretty brunette hair, and so very innocent looking. But, at night I knew her to be quite a freak, and she knew exactly what I wanted.

I brought her home while Master was still out, bound and gagged her, and hooked her up to the chain and pipe restraint system.

I went to finishing my daily chores before his arrival, but with my absence, I fell terribly behind, and did not have dinner finished. When he walked in, he did not need to speak, I knew what to do. I dropped my panties and grabbed my knees while he spanked my bare bottom. My ass cheeks and pussy were throbbing and stinging, and I was so very wet already. Master was as well, and he went to lead me to our room. My heart pounded with excitement, and when he opened the door and saw what was awaiting him, his reaction was so very worth it. He gasped, and his cock strained hard to be freed. I went to work removing his clothes, and preparing things for play time. While he tortured her pussy with powerful vibrations, and teasing her nipples with rubber coated clamps, I sucked and licked Master’s beautiful dick.

She came over and over before he was done with her, and I was richly rewarded with a huge serving of Master’s thick, salty cum.

Happy Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to see what we all get for Christmas!

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