Bare bottom spankings are a giving from Daddy, I’m thankful

Bare bottom spankingsMaster caught me masturbating using the leather belt I polish for him while he is at work.. he using this belt to for Hardcore bondage if ever I do not complete the tasks he has written on my ass. It was because of the overwhelming thoughts that made my pussy tingle… They were of Master having me bent over and giving me an ass whooping.. While stroking his heavy Latino cock in his left hand. His dick makes me so weakk, its so long and girthy! Its my favorite place to snuggle my warm wet walls with. He was being very stern with me that day.. With high tone and base reprimanding me and teaching me a lesson.

I know daddy loves me and he is only teaching me how to be a proper Submissive slut. I enjoy when daddy calls me a Bitch, it makes me want to be over his knee and surrendering to him. Sometimes he may even have me get down in a doggystyle position and watch myself in the mirror as he slams his dick into my gaping asshole and stretched me out. daddy loves bruising my asshole whenever I am not on my best behavior.

With no mercy daddy fucked me hard with his tan meaty cock.. Making me whimper while rubbing and squeezing my nipples.. I love when he tells me he is cumming because regardless of what I had not done that day. I still figured a way to please daddy after a long busy day at work. Daddy can bend me over and give me Bare bottom spankings, any-day.

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