Bent over his knee in public! Given bare bottom spankings!

bare bottom spankings


Bent over a knee is the best way to get a bare bottom spanking! Don’t you agree? If not we should really discuss what you think is best! I really prefer the intimate contact of bare hand to bare ass, the loving gesture of rubbing and swatting. It’s comforting in a way and super erotic.

Have you ever given a grown woman a bare bottom spanking? Bent over your knee, whimpering and moaning, wiggling and carrying on as she looks up at you with those innocent needy eyes. Giving you all the signals that she wants to be taken rough and hard but lovingly at the same time.

I love to act up just so I can get that extra touch and attention from my Dominants. I guess you could call me more of a brat with a more traditional side. Let me show you new experiances, let me whimper in your ear as you tell me how you’re going to dominate me.

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