Bare bottom spankings For A New Slave!

bare bottom spankingsOn your knees now bitch! This wouldn’t be a simple bare bottom spanking! I was trembling as his boots creeped near my face. “Face down!” I was on my knees looking at the floor. I knew I had displeased master. I had only sought solace with my oldest daughter. And master caught me face deep in her young snatch. I wasn’t expecting him home so early. More on, I had divulged that I was her fathers sex slave.
I knew I would be caught in my perversions. I reasoned it was because I am bisexual and master hadn’t brought any females for me to play with in so long! That day My master knew exactly what I was! I am a p-mommy. He would go on to fuck my daughter right in front of me as punishment that day. Only, It didn’t turn out that way. As Mommy Joined in with daddy punishing that tight cock virgin pussy. I rode my daughters face, helped her daddy get his dick all the way in her bald little cunt! And I came about five times to my daughters ten. She took daddies spankings and cock so well! And much to this mommies pleasure she has a new young slave training with her!

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