Bare Bottom Spankings For Leah

Bare bottom spankings

I’m not suppose to touch my pussy without your permission. It is so hard because my pussy is always wet and tingly. I knew you wouldn’t be home for a few more hours and I just couldn’t help myself. I started rubbing on my hot wet pussy paying special attention to my clit. I had even retrieved the pink dildo from your desk drawer and was using it to fuck myself. I was enjoying pleasuring myself so much that I didn’t even notice the sound of the garage door opening.

The next thing I knew you were standing over me clearing your throat. You ask me what I thought I was doing even though you clearly knew. I told you that I was masturbating in a very timid voice. You ask me what happens to young ladies that can’t control their naughty urges as you where taking off your belt. They get bare bottom spankings was my response. You made me bend over the end of the sofa. Your leather belt bit into my soft skin leaving angry red welts all over my ass and legs. I was begging you for mercy. You spanked my ass until I was a sobbing mess.

You then made me lay on the floor with my legs spread. You used that same wicked belt to spank my full pussy lips. It stung even worse on my pussy than it did on my ass. You ask me if I had learned my lesson and I assured you that I had. You unzipped your pants and pulled out your big thick cock. You told me to prove it to you. I crawled over on my hands and knees. I reached up and started stroking your hard throbbing cock while my mouth was sucking on just the head of your cock. My soft wet lips slid all the way down the shaft of your cock deepthroating every last inch of it into my mouth. Just before you came you pulled out of my mouth. You told me that I was not deserving of your warm creamy cum as you blew it all over the room.

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