Bare Bottom Spankings For Mommy

bare bottom Spankings

He treats me like shit and loves to make me the victim of harsh bare bottom spankings. He is my teen son who loves to use and humiliate mommy. His rope knots have gotten better. Good for him bad for me. As I’m hogtied over his lap with his huge hands leaving marks on my ass, thighs and small of my back. Just a worthless filthy whore mommy that deserves punishment as his cock grows hard underneath me.

I don’t even have to do anything wrong to receive this treatment. He comes and grabs a fistful of my tit and breathes on my neck that it is time to serve him. I can’t say no or he will expose me to the neighborhood and my family. And worse to his father! I am a pet, kept, and submissive at all times. My son rules me when his daddy is gone.

I suck his cock after I am slapped and belittled. Filthy slut, cum dump. Tears in my eyes as I never expected my son to be like this. His daddy is a true Dom Master. His teen angst is filled with rage and the spankings often lead to more humiliating mommy. A cum shot to the face, piss down my throat. Anything to make me know I have been put in my place.

Tonight, one of my nipple rings caught on his zipper. How will I explain this to my husband? I am between to hard dicks and punishment awaits no matter what this milf phone sex subslut does…

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