Bare Bottom Spankings For Mommy

bare bottom spankings

I did a bad thing. Something that got me more than just sexy bare bottom spankings.  I tried to go out with my girlfriends and leave my brats home alone. My husband, who is my master, was working late so I thought I would get away with it. I came home drunk off my ass and very horny so I tried to sneak in my sons room to have some teen cock. I didn’t know my husband was waiting in my boys room with his flogger at the ready. I tried to run but my son caught me at the door and tied my hands to the doorknob. My husband and son were both laughing as the flogger came out and my husband flogged my bare ass after my son pulled up my skirt and my panties down. I was busted as My son told Master that I had been fucked tonight. that enraged both of them and my throat and ass tore up from the floor up for the next couple of hours as I was spanked, choked and gapped. I really should learn my place. Or I get Punished as a pain slut should and my holes forced fucked. 

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