Bare Bottom Spankings for the Girl Who Likes to be Spanked

Bare Bottom Spankings DorthyBare bottom spankings for a disobedient submissive whore always seems to be the case! And sometimes I am a bad girl, just because. Just because I am a girl who likes to be spanked. There is just something so amazing about the way my skin feels under your paddle, cane, hand, most of all your hand. The skin to skin contact of a painful slap on a bare bottom make my owned cunt quiver and my heart pound. It is almost like slow motion to me. I can almost hear the air surrounding your disciplined hand whir as you get close to my behind. First impact is always the best. The sting that echos across my skin in waves of pleasure linger in my sex. Almost like dropping a pebble in water, and watching the ripples. The faster your slaps come, the harder they come, and yes they are more painful with Girl Who Likes To Be Spanked Dorthyeach slap. But I lay there in your lap. Thanking you for hurting me in the best way. Crying and begging for more. Please don’t stop hurting me. It makes me feel complete. I am a whole person for it. I take your pain with each slap. You are giving me all the stress and all of your frustrations in this action. Treating me like your little girl who needs to know that her actions were not acceptable. It is a blessing to take your punishment in this manor. As you slap me, you also drive your fingers closer and closer to my cunny. The wet of my cunt dripping onto your legs are now being fed to me. To show me just what kind of whore I am. A whore for craving pain from her Master. A good whore in the end. For after my ass turns bright red from your punishment, you shove your alpha cock into me. And since I was sopping wet, you are pleased. Spanking phone sex is so fucking hot, I would love for you to join me!Submissive Whore Dorthy

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