Bare bottom spankings for Valentines

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are good slave training tools. And with Valentine’s Day approaching Daddy has blessed me with a new paddle and set my girls up for some play time too! This weekend has been Amazing to see all the attention the girls asses have been getting. We all dressed up super slutty and had things and thigh highs on so we could show off our red rears for Daddy Master in the most sexy way. My valentines are always accompanied by a huge set of chocolate treats in a three foot heart box. I was ready to help daddy with his sexy Bare bottom spankings on Valentines in a sweet way!

I did something out of the ordinary after Our Master had tied my hands, ANd whipped me with his belt. I opened up the box of candy and smeared my red and sore ass with the chocolate and had my both daughters come over to lick it up. Master was so proud of his girls the way they soothed mommy’s rear end and got some yummy sweet candy and those little girl tummies. And then it was time for the girls to line up. The new paddle was inscripted with the word Daddy and I was excited to see if the imprint would stay in each little pale plump ass.bare bottom spankings

Mommy slave was so excited to see how each girl took her bare bottom spankings with candy hearts smeared all over young tender faces. That would pale in comparison to how those tender asses would redden and become sore with criss crossed welts from daddys paddle. I was joyous as I saw the imprint of the word Daddy pop up on my oldest daughter’s bare ass! I knew it was time for mommy to rub some chocolate candy and lavish a sore bottom with my tongue, Of course valentines wouldn’t be complete without me trying to shove the candy up her anal cavity and eat her natural chocolate out as well.

bare bottom spankings
Did I mention I am an ass eating scat loving slave as well? By the time I had eaten her ass and finished the sweetness and was to the tangy part, my youngest daughter was being spanked and crying so bad. I’m still not sure if she is slave material but we won’t stop training her! Wouldn’t you like to see my girls and my ass covered with candy? Spank us all master and cum in our slave holes! 

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