Bare bottom spankings from my master excite me

When my master gives me Bare bottom spankings my cunt gets wet and excited. Any time my master gives me any attention I get excited. Since I am a worthless bitch and I feel lucky if he uses me in any way. First you pull me out of my cage. Since I stay naked, all you had to do was bend over your lap like you like. With your paddle you swing down on my ass while saying “all you are for is for me to use” you say while laughing. Hearing your laughter brings me joy.

Therefore, I will take anything you give me. That is because I was made to be used and trained. “Beg for me to spank you more, my worthless pet” you ask of me while you continue to paddle my red welted ass. “Please master, give me more spankings” I beg with a trembling voice. Although my ass was red and welted, you didn’t stop. After a while my whole body was trembling but your cock was rock hard. “Open your mouth bitch” you demand of me.

Bare bottom spankings

Therefore, I do as my master asks. Once I open my mouth, he pushes his dick deep down my throat making me choke. That excited you and you fuck my throat hard until I had tears coming down my face. “Worthless bitch show me you are worth keeping” you say as you continue to fuck my throat. You spanked my welted ass one more time before your balls tightened up and your cock started to spray semen down into my belly. “That’s right, eat all my cum slut. Show you are worth keeping.

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