Bare bottom spankings from my master

bare bottom spankings

 I love master being on the bed with my legs spread open as I think about huge cocks penetrating me. Well that is until I got caught by my master. He never lets me master bate unless he is there watching and unless he gives me his approval. Well my master was furious with me, so he told me to lay on his lap with my ass up so he could punish me. I laid there as my master began spanking me as hard as he could. At first it turned me on since it stung but felt kinda good but after five minutes or so I could feel my ass becoming bruised.

Each hit sending pain and chills all over my body. Once my master was done making my ass blue from spanking me he told me to get on my knees to beg for forgiveness.i jumped on to my knees and began to beg him asking him for forgiveness. My master slapped my face hard and shoved his dick  into my mouth making me choke and throw up all over his hard cock. I know next time not to master bate without my masters permission.

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