Bare Bottom Spankings in the Club

bare bottom spankingsI have an ass for bare bottom spankings. No matter what I am wearing, men are drawn to my ample ass. I was out last night with a girlfriend. We were not looking for men. She is happily married, and I am an owned whore. The bartender was flirting with me, but I acted like I was clueless. I did not want an awkward situation. He must have spiked our drinks with something because we woke up naked from the waist down and bound and gagged. We were in a dark room, bent over a table.  My friend is not submissive. She is a normal woman with a husband and a few little ones running around. I am the professional submissive whore, but this was nothing I had experienced before. We were roofied and tied up in a corner of a club. This was new to me because I did not know this guy. We had no master servant relationship. No agreed upon safe words. My friend was hysterical. I mumbled to her to calm down and let me try to negotiate with the bartender who had been flirting with me. He came back into the room with a few men. They started whooping our asses. With bare hands, with belts and with paddles. We got skull fucked, and ass fucked too. I was not prepared to be sodomized while bound in a club next to a good friend who knew nothing about my lifestyle. I tried to take the brunt of the abuse. These men were high on something and abusing us with their cocks, their hands, and whatever objects they could find nearby. I acted like it hurt more than it did. Honestly, it felt incredible. It had been forever since I had been used this aggressively. I needed it, but I played the victim role. They used us for a few hours, then passed out. I got out of my ropes because I am not a novice to bondage. I got her home to clean her up and calm her down. We filed a police report, but if it had just been me alone, I would have begged for more.

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