Spank Me Please

Bare bottom spankings are one of my favorite, I love how it feels when your hand hits my bare ass. The sting it leaves behind sends a shock all the way to my pussy. It only makes me want more and more, I love when you use other things to spank me like paddles or floggers but I love when you get inventive and use other things you find around. It reminds me of the time you used a metal spatula on me, every time it hit my bare ass it left the outline and marks. The pain the metal gave had me dripping wet you used it to make my pussy cum so hard and turned you on so much you fucked me doggy style. Ramming your fat cock in me while spanking me, you love seeing my ass red even sometimes bleed. You love cumming all over my ass after it is sore from the spankings and rubbing you cum into my skin. Spanking phone sex

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