Fuck O de Irish

Milf phone sex

This milf phone sex whore was walking down the road late one night all by herself from a Hot St. Paddys Day Party. My ass and pussy were a little sore and not just a little cream filled as  I had sucked and fucked a couple horny teenage boys and was feeling more than a little green and Drunk as hell. It is full spring in the South and I was wearing my cute Daisy Dukes and sexy Halter top. There might have been a few droplets of cum on my shirt dried to look like a mashed potato stain! 

My heart starts to be fast as I hear footsteps behind me. I turn and nothing… A few more feet and nothing.. I try to stay calm but my whole body is on alert. Trembling, I turn down the alley to my house. Then I hear it.. 

“My isn’t it a wee Lass all alone in a dark alley? I smell the ejaculation’s of many men on you my submissive whore!” I begin to cry as a leprechaun is mocking me and has forced me into a corner. 

“Want me gold pot do ye?” Come forward my pretty , yet stupid Maiden fair, I have gold for miles just for you!”  compelled through magic and crying and fighting I am under a 13 inch Leprechaun dick as he begins spanking my face with it taunting me. Yellow piss runs down my face as he turns me around and shoves all of his mighty magical dick deep in my ass hole. You get no Gold only My cum, which is more priceless than any substance on earth, May the Lad grow up to control you and beat you every day!” And with his cum spurting inside of me still My Leprechaun disappeared and I was left sobbing on the ground, possibly impregnated with Leprechaun seed!


    • tj on March 19, 2021 at 2:03 pm
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    youre such a filthy cum whore can’t wait to fuck you up again.

    • Ian on March 19, 2021 at 7:49 pm
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    God you are such a dirty slut you need to suck my dick now

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