Bare Bottom Spankings In The Shower…

Bare Bottom Spankings

Master has always known that I’m a submissive slut for bare bottom spankings but I didn’t think he would use it against me. I don’t know why I thought I was exempt from the XXX bondage porn master was making; master spent all day belting my girls while trying to train their gag reflexes on his cock. He was brutally face fucking my girls, taking turns making them gag so hard they choked and turned red. I begged him not to strangle my oldest on his hard dick but I think I upset him by being too motherly. He dragged me by my hair and started tying my wrist, he sat me on the bed and then threw me over his lap… I knew what to expect when it came to all the spanking phone sex I had as a young bondage whore but with master there was no guessing. The next thing I knew I was in the cold shower, my hands turning blue from the pressure of the ropes, my ass and thighs whipped completely red. Master took out his frustrations on me, at least I knew my girls were safe… for now.

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