Bare Bottom Spankings Turning My Ass Red

I was raised getting bare bottom spankings from my father and later my three brothers were also administering them to me. I grew up with two older brothers and a younger brother. All three of my brothers were brought in when my father was disciplining me for bad grades, mouthing off to my mother, or breaking curfew. He used me to make an example of, and taught them how to treat the females in their lives. They took aggressions and rejections out on me just the way my father taught them to. One thing was always made clear to my three brothers though, that they were to never bruise me nor leave markings other than redness that would fade away. That was very important, and I was taught that no Mistress nor Master shall ever leave marks on his little princess or they would hear from my three brothers. I am a very lucky submissive and in turn for such protection from my kin I am to be their sweet little submissive sex slave whenever they need.

Bare Bottom Spankings

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