Bare bottom spankings Warmed Received

Bare bottom spankings

When I was younger my mother and father used to make me pull down my panties and give me Bare bottom spankings. Sadly enough I began to savor them. I would do the most naughty things to get a spanking. Nothing quenches my sexual desire quite like a bare bottom beating. I can never keep a man because no matter how aggressive they are I’m always doing the most fucked up shit to get them to beat my ass. Some men have tried to own me but then they have to go to work and come home to find me with my bare ass in this face riding another cock. My ex tried to paddle me to the point where I wouldn’t have such naughty desires but then he went to work. I need a man with old money who can stay home and make my ass suffer. All the time. Because when he leaves me with those sore welts puffing and swelling on my ass, I touch them. And when I touch them, my cunt starts to quiver, and when my cunt starts to quiver, I need someone to hurt me good.

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