Bare bottom spankings while tied to a tree and fucked!

Bare bottom spankingsWaking up tied to a tree, my head pounding, my lower lips dripping while some guy shoves his cock so deep I can feel it in my core, and bare bottom spankings loud and proud to top it off? Not how I expected my morning to start. To be fair, I’d gotten so drunk the night before I’m pretty sure I bet the bartender I could suck dick faster than he could serve drinks, so, it makes sense that my memory was fuzzy. My head pounding from a crazy hangover the likes of which only legends hear about wasn’t helping my disposition, but I’ll admit the sturdy dick wrecking my insides did make me a lot happier. There’s something special about morning wood. Thing is, with my hands tied to the other side of the tree, and my whole body largely wrapped around it, it’s hard to get a good idea of who exactly was fucking my bondage whore body. I knew it wasn’t the guy I was with last night, his cock was longer but not nearly as thick, and he was gentle. This man had me rubbing right against the bark in front of me, scratching my tits and uncaringly leaving his dick so deep inside me that the pulsing I could feel deep left me no doubt he intended to cum inside me. The guy from last night was too nervous to do that, this guy, no qualms at all. He didn’t hesitate, with a final grunt at the end of a series of hardcore thrusts, I felt my insides get very, very warm, and that warmth flow up and fill me.

“Haah-what the hell.” I couldn’t help but groan, feeling him soften as he pulled out, leaving the slop to glide down my thighs towards the dirt below. Some men aren’t very gentle, others aren’t very considerate, some men are just plain both. Knowing he was both would have left me soaked if I wasn’t already drenched in cum, so another man lining up and taking his place couldn’t have had better timing for my cum slut phone sex pussy.

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