Bare Bottom Spankings With A New Master

bare bottom spankings robynMy old Master got tiered of me and sold me to a new Master.
This one is so different and it is taking some getting used to.
He isn’t a mean Master and yet I still must be submissive, just in a different way.
he comes home from work and I know to stand immediately and greet him with a smile, but I no longer have to avert my eyes or flinch when he moves. He only administers bare bottom spankings when I forget my place.
I greet him by asking how his day was as I scurry to fix our meal. I must serve him first and then ask permission to sit and eat. But I get to eat next to him at the table, not off the floor out of a dog bowl.
I must always call him “Sir” not “Master”.
He doesn’t fuck me hard and rough but he does like to face fuck me without reserve. The first time he did I chocked a little and received the first of the few bare bottom spankings I have received since becoming his.
I am still getting to know him and what he likes but I am a good girl and learn quickly. I know I will be serving him well.

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