Begin with Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings



Big hands and floggers coming down on my naked ass during bare bottom spankings make me squeal. 

This morning after a hot night of serving my phone masters, my own King of my household decided to give me some much needed playtime. 

The girls were still asleep as my son and husband roughly pulled me down to the floor and said it was time to open up my slave holes! 

I was begging just to go to sleep, but as my tears fell and the first slap cane across my face, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting any rest. I am but a lowest whore with no options in my life about anything. I obey, period. I am pushed to every limit I have and back again by my husband and my teen son. Most days I enjoy our scenes. Today was not one of them. I fought, I cursed I spit at them. The hog tie was tight and the brutal spanking only made me cry harder. I have choice erotic submissive stories and today was one to add to my repertoire. Even as a Milf I still have days I don’t want to be controlled, beaten and used like a common cum rag. My girls were at my bedroom door begging for mommies release. I screamed at them to go back to their rooms. That only served to get my lip busted and an absurdly large metal butt plug forced in my ass hole. My tears dried as one of my girls cheered me on. They have grown accustomed to mommies beating and sexual charades. By the time my men were done with all three of us we were able to put breakfast on the table get cleaned up and go to the block party. No-one knows I have just went went through extreme bondage!  I still haven’t slept but a good slave whore knows that cocaine is her best friend in days like today. 

erotic bondage stories
extreme Bondage


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