Make Me Your Slave

submissive whoreTie me up baby and use me. Treat me like the disgusting slut that I am. Humiliate and degrade me. Make me beg and plead. Don’t be gentle. A firm hand is what I need. If I disobey you must be harsh. If I play with my pussy, I must be punished. Come to me and pull me by the hair from my bed. Rip my clothes off and put me in leather. Exposing my breasts and my cunt completely uncovered. The attach my hands behind my back and trip me to the floor. Make me lay there helpless and you pull your cock from your pants and piss on my face. I don’t open my mouth like you wanted so you smack me hard. Make me stick my tongue out and get every last salty drop you have. Then have your friends over or just any pervert you can find. Circle jerk around me, leaving my face covered with cum. Grab me by my hair and bend me over the table. Attach spreaders and lift my skirt. My ass and twat exposed for anyone and everyone to have a turn with me. Paddle and whip me into submission. Make me your slave.

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