Bringing Out My Other Side

Submissive phone sex

Taking me to another level of submission is what I crave. I love to see how far I can be pushed until I break. I strive on being the best submissive I can be. I remember my old master wanted to see how crazy I was inside. He called it my inner demon. He would do things to me to try to get all of my anger out of me. I am good at submitting and I love doing it. It is easy not to get mad when you love doing something so much. I am territorial though. I get jealous easily. I want to be the only submissive in my master’s life. One day my master brought home another woman. I tried my best to keep my cool and submit to what he wanted. When my master had this fake submissive slut doing things to him that I normally do and then acting as his accomplice, I had enough. I grabbed the fake slut my her head and tossed her out. I looked at my master and told him to never bring another woman around. As far as I know, I am and will be the only submissive slut in his life. He punished me for a long time that night and the next two remaining days. A part of him liked the fact that I was so jealous. He is as of right now the only master who knows that side of me.

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