bondage and submission robyn1

Being a submissive in my parents house is not something I do. But I had been house sitting for them for a week now while they traveled and I was so fucking horny! I wanted it. I needed it. It is who I am. When he called and asked to come over I knew he needed my sweet and submissive ways. I also knew that my parents would be mortified to know that I love to submit to him. To let him tie me up while I wear my wooden cross around my neck and allow him to sodomize me and take me how ever he sees fit. As soon as I opened the door and saw the red ball gag in his hand I felt the juices flow. I lowered my eyes and let him in, leading him to the master bedroom. My parent’s bed room. There he took me as he always does. And I did as I was told as I always do. Sitting on the floor in my fish net stockings after he left I felt the need to confess. I called my priest and as soon as he answered I uttered the words “Forgive me Father for I have sinned” He recognized my voice right away. We had been a member of the church since I was very little. Soothingly he told me to put a dress over my body as I was and come to him right away. Obeying, as a good submissive does, I arrived at the church. There I stood. My hair disheveled, sweat had caused my makeup to run, the red ball gag was hanging around my neck with the little wooden cross. Father took me to the bathroom that was tiled in the purest of white and lifted my dress over my head. I knew what he needed. I have confessed many times before. Lowering my eyes and falling to my knees I prepared for his anointing…..

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