Crazy Hot Summer

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Florida, a crazy hot summer night, I had just pulled my BMW into the parking garage, highest level furthest from everyone. I jump out of my car, set the alarm and made my way to the stairs to head over to the casino. I’m making my way down the stairs; I get to the 3rd floor and a woman is standing in the corner, a bit in the shadows. I nod at her and she flies toward me pins me to the wall suddenly my pants are being unzipped. She stands up, looks me in the eyes “You don’t need to pay me, you fine ass is worth that cock in my mouth and that same cock slamming into my pussy.” I hesitated for about a half second and blurted out “fuck yes.” Her lips get on my cock and I haven’t had a bj in so long that as soon as she sank her throat down over my whole shaft I started to lose it.

I was thinking how pathetic it was that I was cumming so quickly but then realized that she asked me if I wanted to fuck. So I slammed that ho’s pussy doggy style until we had cum enough times that our cock and pussy are slapping like an old waterbed. I shagged that ho and got her close to cumming all over my shit, this is a story almost meant for Penthouse. Even though I came quickly; because the pussy was so hot, I had to keep slamming my cock deep inside her. On my third nut, I am ramming my cock as deep as I can go in that pussy, pull out and shoot my load all over her ass.

As soon as I busted a nut I zipped up and walked away.

Approaching pimp: “here you go, Sir.” “That’s right bitch, you proved yourself now you a ho in my stable. Now go suck more cock you cum slut.

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