I’m Not Worth It

submissive slut

Hey there all you Daddies, Sirs, Masters and Dom’s…. I’m Tracy and there are so many things that I’d like to do for you. I want to be your go to nasty slut when you need to take your pent up sexual aggressions out on someone. I want to be anything you want and everything you need. That Primal Beast that hides inside of you, waiting to get out, wanting to take control of every dumb cunt that needs a good fucking to teach her why men are the dominant species needs to show someone who’s boss. Since you can’t (or won’t) follow that gut instinct, I am here for you to use any way you see fit. If you want to fuck me until I bleed, I’ll open up my pussy for you. If you want to see how many dildos you can fit in my holes and then fuck my mouth, I’ll lay down for you. If you want to tie me up with rope, electrical cords or nylons as tight as you can so I can’t move, please make me your whore. Stuff my mouth with panties and put duct tape over it so I can’t cry out in pain when you bring home random strangers home and let them hurt me while you watch, jerk off, and spray your load all over me. Call me names and tell me I’m worthless and useless. Say that I’m not good for anything but fucking, and I’m not even great at that. Make me beg you to let me cum. Anytime you want my submissive pussy, it’s yours. I belong to you and only you. I want you to cause me pain simply for you pleasure. Use me up until I can’t walk. I know you want to, but I’m probably not worth it.
For all things BDSM,
Tracy  xoxoxoxo

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