Crime and Punishment

Bondage whore

Sometimes I can be an insolent bondage whore. Then again I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a crabby bug up their ass once in a while. I know some of the most submissive women and men you could ever meet, and every so often I hear stories of the punishment that came with a crabby attitude. Last week, I got myself a little taste.
*Masturbation* isn’t all that big of a deal for most, but for a submissive with rules that you are not allowed to without permission, makes it a big deal. My Master knows that most types of punishment actually turn me on, but he does know what I don’t like. As simplistic as it is, I do not like being cold. I grew up in a very cold part of the country, and I live in continuously warm weather for that reason.
Master had been gone for a few weeks and I was lonely and horny, so I invited my bestie over for dinner and watch a flick. We ended up having a few too many glasses of wine and we ended up licking each other’s pussy until we both had a few orgasms. It was a night that I really needed with a companion and cumming. Master came home about 12 days later and when I picked him up at the airport he didn’t say much on the way back. I parked the car and all he said was for me to go to the basement and wait.
I made a straight line to the basement and he followed shortly after. He cuffed my wrists behind my back, left my t-shirt on and cut my panties off. I watched him walk to the washing machine, take the cold water hose off of it and turn the water on. I know from washing clothes that the water gets incredibly cold. He puts a nozzle on the end of it and starts to spray me down from head to toe. I am screaming from the cold, cold water while he tells me to tell him what I have been doing lately. I had totally forgotten by this time, the encounter I had with my bestie. “Have you cum while I was gone without permission whore?” he said. My mouth dropped open suddenly remembering the night and shit… the webcams. He continued spraying the freezing water all over me, but he abruptly put the hose down and picked up a flogger and began lashing my tits. I tried to make “pain” noises but it was hard to hide that I was enjoying his attention. After a while, he put his hands on his sides and told me I was a useless pain whore. Well, yeah… I usually enjoy it. I didn’t say that but I am sure he could tell what I was thinking. He frowned and took the cuffs off and told me to prepare his dinner. “Yes Sir,” I said with a bit of a grin. Maybe I got away with this one?

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