Cum Dumpster

Submissive Whore

Master never fails to remind me that I am his plaything. A toy to be used and tossed aside whenever he is bored with me. He can do whatever he wants with me and he likes to exert his power by fucking me in public and making me be his nasty slut. He knows I can’t say no, because I am his slave, his whore, and his cum dumpster. He has 3 rules for me:

1) I am always to wear thong panties for him.

2) I am always to undress when I am approached by him.

3) I have to do whatever he says.

If I break those rules like a bad whore, I get punished. Sometimes I just have to gag and choke on his cock, other times I get fucked in the ass in public and totally humiliated. He keeps me on a tight leash and I’m always on my toes around him (or my knees).

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