Pleasure And Pain

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I was woken up by Sir tying a blindfold around my eyes, he told me he is going to walk me downstairs into the dining room. I already knew it was time for me to learn something new. Sir had the blindfold wrapped around my eyes tight, I could feel the cloth cutting into my skin. He escorted me down the stairs, holding me tightly around my arm. Once we got into the dining room, Sir sat me down on a chair, took my wrists and put them behind my back. I felt a rope going around both of my wrists, tying them tight to the chair. The blindfold was left around my eyes. When sir spoke he was using a different accent. Almost like a British spy. He told me I am now his prisoner and if I do not tell him what he wants to know, I will be punished. Sir makes me sleep in my panties and that is what I was wearing while being restrained to a chair, blindfolded. I had to go along with any question sir asked me and if I did not get it right, I was punished. I felt a long feather run across my chest, making its way slowly down to my submissive, warm cunt. I was really turned on, I rarely feel any soft touches from my masters. Then Sir asked me who was in his house. I was quiet for a moment, trying to think of the correct answer.

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I was not quick enough, the next thing I knew hot wax was being poured on my chest. I moaned out in pain. Sir then consoled me, giving me whispers in my ear, telling me to calm down as if I was a rugrat. I felt a cold compress on my chest, cooling down the burns from the hot wax that was stuck to my skin. I was then asked a series of unanswerable questions. Once we plaid the game a little while longer, I knew what Sir was doing. My Sir was showing me the art of being submissive to pleasure and pain. It is one thing to keep getting pain inflicted on the body. Eventually, the body will grow numb to it. When Sir would give me a little pleasure then switch to a lot of pain, the pain was more and more intense each time. He kept me blindfolded the whole time as a form of Sensory play to heighten my senses to touch. By the end of our game, my nipples were raw, red and throbbing from the clamps he would take on and off and my skin was burnt in different places. I still have two red hand marks on my face from being slapped hard by my sir’s big strong hands.

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