Cum With Me Daddy

Submissive Whore

I love helping out my Master’s friends! I can be a useful cum dumpster when they come over to watch a game! I make them a few drinks and stay on my knees and wait for a cock to come in front of my face! Well, you are a favorite friend of my Master, why don’t you come with me to my room! I have some ropes and toys! You join me in my room and hook me up against a wall! You rip off my bra for my tits to be in full view and my skirt to begin sucking on my sensitive skin. You gag me to keep me quiet from the others and lift my legs to wrap them around your waist! You push your cock into my cunt and fuck me at a punishing force against the wall. I drool for you and want your white seed to be spilled inside of me! I beg through my gag and wait for you to finish me off!

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