Just use those tears as lubrication

Bondage whore

Force fucking me hard while I try to struggle against the ties, you grin as I struggle and try to escape. You like to watch the pain the I get a sick pleasure from. You have such a depraved mind and I love when you take it out on me and all my gapping whore holes! I am a pain whore who loved to be demolished by every and anything! You want to fuck me with a dildo on a drill the rams he so hard I’m squirting within seconds? I’m in! I’ll be the best machine whore ever! You want to tie me up and beat me until I’m bruised and bloodied? Please sir can I have some more?! I’m a good little Bondage whore! You want to let everyone you know use me and cum all over me and all in me?! I love boococky! You want to fuck me repeatedly for hours ripping me open and beating me every so often just to break up the monotony? Great, just promise you won’t take it easy on me! I’m a good like cum whore and will take the pain and punishment with a smile! I may cry, just use those tears as lubrication as you shove your cock deep down my throat to muffle my cries! I am nothing but a slut, so treat me that way baby! I’m yours to play with as you see fit! But please baby make sure it doesn’t fit! Stretch me out and make me a gapping whore for you! All my holes are yours all you have to do is choose which to use!

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    • Mike on June 1, 2022 at 11:31 am
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    Tears as lube, fuck that is hot.

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