Daddy, can I please have some more?!

Bondage and submissionI’m so weak daddy! You have been punishing me for hours! You have raped my face, making me gag on your dick! You have punished and raped my cunt! It’s now bloodied, beaten, and tattered. And my ass which is destroyed, you focused in on forcing me to take every inch of everything you forced in me! I’m bleeding from every hole due to your massive cock raping me over and over. I know I’m your slut and it’s for my own good. I’m already gapping, you made sure to punish all my holes right! I came baby, oh did I cum! I’ve squirted so much that we need a wet floor sign! I’ve taken everything you have thrown at me, but now, I’m weak! I don’t know how much more I can take. And just when I think you will give me mercy you plow my asshole harder than is necessary, given the circumstances. I’m not fighting anymore as you rape my ass forcing me to take you. You rip through me, and the only lubrication is my blood. I love how you rip my tight little hole open, using me for your pleasure! I love how you use me like the whore I am! You take every last piece of me! Oouuch it hurts! But baby if it feels good to you, that’s all that matters! I’m a whore! You can use me however you want. Fuck me till can’t take it! Death by cock?! I wouldn’t mind going out that way! No one cares about me ore if I am alive! Fuck me baby! Take everything I have and everything I am! I’m yours! Cum in my fuck ass! I don’t deserve it but I gratefully beg you “Daddy, can I please have some more?!

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