Daddys Mockery

Cheap phone sex

My daddy mocks me for being a cheap phone sex whore. Even with a job, I can’t stop myself from doing what he brought me into this world to do. To be a servant to men and their cocks for money. With daddy fully aware of my extracurriculars he’s now making me give him a cut of my submissive phone whore earnings. After all, he gets a cut from all the men he brings home to use and abuse me. The slave training really has stuck I must say, when I was more willful I dreamed of escaping daddy. 

Now I can’t imagine leaving from under his control every dirty secret I hide, he knows. He heard me moaning loudly on the phone when a caller was making me whip my own cunt. The moment I hung up daddy was there to plunge his cock into my swollen pussy. To punish me for trying to hide using the body he made to make money without his knowledge. I was a stupid fucking whore to think he wouldn’t find out. Daddy gave me hard bare-bottom spankings for over ten minutes to make sure it would welt up and sting well. So as I typed this I would remember what a used-up fuck toy I am. Daddy wants me to beg more men to come to punish me.

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