Degraded and Humiliated

Submissive Whore

Master loved games, especially the type where his submissive whore gets humiliated in front of her degrading public. I would say adoring public, but you and I both know what those vicious perverts are truly here to do; show the world what a worthless little bitch I really am. You won’t catch me complaining. My cunt turns into a regular slip-n-slide with every nasty name those fuckers drop. They tell me what a bitch I am, such a slut, a filthy whore, a dirty cunt, a worthless torture doll.

They’re right, aren’t they? You and I both know. But I love to hear how horrid I am. I love to know they want to hurt me. And they sure as fuck do. They tie me down, and use me however they like. One by one, they blow there loads in any of my fuck holes. My ass gets stretched beyond repair, my cunt is used as a proper cum dumpster, and my throat gets fucked raw. Nothing can stand between me and my true purpose. Master has seen clear to that. He says my days as a working woman are over; my only job is to serve him and who he says now. Master says I’m on loan today. What do you say, Sir?

Submissive Sex

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