Degraded By My Sir

Submissive phone sex

I love to have Submissive sex with my Sir. I have to listen to everything he tells me to do. He will tell me to get on my hands and knees, crawling over to him like the little submissive bitch that I am. He lets his cock hang softly, degrading me. He tells me I am a sorry submissive slut and starts yelling at me, telling me to get his cock hard. I put his soft meat in my mouth, the satisfaction of feeling his soft cock grow into a rock hard piece of meat gives my submissive pussy satisfaction like no other. Once his cock is fully hard he will shove it down my throat, fucking my face, telling me I am a good submissive slut. He will make me take his cock balls deep. Once he has had enough of that, he usually gets up, puts a mask over my face. He uses the mask as a form of humiliation, telling me I am too ugly to be looked at. Then he will tie my hands behind my back and tie my ankles together. My Sir likes to inflict pain on me, usually without any warning. His favorite thing to use is nipple clamps. He likes to put the clamps at the very top of my nipples. Then he will insert a butt plug into my asshole, he has all different shapes and sizes. Lately, he has been pretty aggressive with me and has been going for the bigger sizes. I have to earn Sir’s cock and by earning his cock I have to take the pain. If I flinch or move the wrong way and my Sir disapproves of it, not only will he punish me he will threaten to bring another submissive woman in the household and fuck her the way he knows I want to desperately be fucked by him. This will only make me try harder to please my Sir in any way possible.

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