Do You Wanna Have Submissive Sex?

submissive sexDo you want to have submissive sex? It is all I have. I never take the lead in the bedroom. I do not take the lead anywhere. I was raised to service men. I have been owned by men all my life. Daddy was my first master. My master now could be my father because he is 25 years older than me. He treats me so much better than my father ever did. He is not a completely benevolent master. Sure, financially he provides for me and my son and daughter. He bought my house. He pays for our health insurance. My son and daughter have college funds. I have never been treated so well; but I do work hard for all that he gives me, I do work less now as he gets older. Lately, what he has been doing is getting surrogate masters for me to service. He never use to share me, but he says watching me service a younger master is better than Viagra. Earlier in the week he had me take care of one of his clients. I was not wanting to do it, but he reminded me that I owed him. I know I do. I was not trying to sound ungrateful. Other men are always more brutal to me than master. This guy is a master. He has a slave army of 6 women. They are all young though. He wanted a milf phone sex whore like me. My master lubed up his old cock and watched his client slap my ass as he rammed his dick in my asshole. This client only likes old assholes because he did not think I had a tight cunt anymore. No way I am as tight as his barely legal posse of sex slaves. He loosened my holes though because his cock is huge. He fucked me hard. He left marks on my body. And master loved the sex show so much he came on my face telling me I was a good whore.

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