He Attached The Straps

submissive whoreHe handed me a bag and told me to prepare myself. I knew what that meant and knew that he would be using me today. Of course, my body and holes are his. I have no will of my own, I only aim to please him. I walked to the bathroom and started to prepare. That would include a smooth shave of my legs and cunt as well as a hot enema to clean me for his pleasure. I bathed, shaved, and filled my bowels with the warm soapy concoction. Then I put on his favorite lotion and slipped into the thigh highs and corset as he had requested. Then I waited on my knees with my head down waiting for him.

He walked in and told me to follow him. I rose and with my head down followed him to the basement. The horse was in the center of the room, and I pushed my chest against it as I bent over. He attached cuffs to hands and straps to my ankles. He attached my hands together and put them on my ass and strapped my legs in a bent position. He pushed his favorite strand of pearls up my ass and stood back to admire his work. A smack across my face and he reached for the paddle. What would you do to me in this position babe?

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