Earning My Collar

Submissive WhoreHe said he was willing to make me his pet. But I had to prove to him I would be deserving, that I would be a loyal and obedient servant. He made me crawl around like a animal for hours fetching things for him. If I was to slow I would get the paddle and if I whimpered I would get the whip. Sometimes I whimpered on purpose cause I could sense how badly he wanted to really punish me. At night he gave me a small cage to get into, he seemed surprise that I did not try to back out at this point. In the morning he dumped food on the floor and made me lick it up like a dog. That afternoon he forced his cock into me ass and filled me with cum like a common bitch. I wasn’t allowed to clean myself. He left for a time that evening and he locked me back up in my cage. When he returned, I was let out and he presented me with a shiny new collar. I felt so proud to have proven myself a good pet. I can only hope to please him more like this every day.

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