Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are something I am full of to share. I have been a sub most of my life. I was daddy’s slave first. I had a caller who wanted to talk about when my father first abused me. It was hard to remember the details because I was that young. I think I remember most of it but my younger days were filled with traumatic experiences, so I am not sure how well I remember them. My mom left my father and me for another man. I guess the new beau did not want a brat. And she did not think my father would turn me into his sex slave because of my age or maybe she just did not care because she was free. Never saw her again. That first night dad was without my mother, he put me in her place. He came into my bedroom. I could smell the whiskey on his breath. I was scared. My father never wanted much to do with me. I always felt like I was more of an annoyance to him than a daughter. He pulled back my bed covers. I woke up and asked what was wrong. I was scared. I did not know what was going to happen. I never thought my father was about to give me my first slave training session. He told me I was the woman of the house now and that meant taking care of the man of the house. I did not know what that mean really until he was on top of me pushing his dick into my little bald cunt. I screamed because it hurt. He left me not long after that first thrust. I was I immobilized by fear and pain. I had blood between my legs. I peed the bed too. That first night was the beginning of my nightmare. I am full of submissive stories throughout my life.

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