Master’s Friend

erotic bondage storiesMy master loves to punish me when I’ve been bad. I’m used to getting tied up and spanked but this time is different. Master tied me up tighter than usual and tied a ball to my mouth. Suddenly, I feel a hard slap on my ass which had me whimpering. Master came to look at my face while someone else was still slapping my ass and my little cunt. It hurt so bad until the person stopped to come around and let me see them. It was a woman and master made her get down underneath the table to taste my sweet cunt. It felt so good especially when master decided to come over and shove his huge cock into my tight asshole. I was trying to scream out because it hurt so bad but the ball in my mouth wouldn’t let me. Master told the woman to come and lick up all his cum out of my ass when he was done with me.

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