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Purr, I dressed up as a Cock worshiping, kitty for Halloween! I could not wait to have my makeup running from slobbering on cocks all night! I planned on getting fucking white girl wasted…  that’s exactly what I was, super trashed! I didn’t care where we were going to fuck, I planned on draining cocks all night.. I dress like a Submissive Whore year round so yesterday wasn’t going to make much of a difference..

I already had the cocaine and molly on standby.. I couldn’t wait to get through trick-or-treating so it could be me time.. I dropped the littles off at their grandparents and went out tooting this ass around all night, I was in search for a man who could tame me. I wanted to be so fucked up that I could barely feel my face.. If there is one thing I love, it’s smearing cocaine all over my pussy right before I get gangbanged..

It just gives this tingly sensation, it totally numbs me in all the right places.. I wanted there to be dicks rubbing together in every last one of my fuckable holes.. I couldn’t wait to run the head of a bottle of champagne in and out of my pussy.. The cum just leaking into the champagne right before I threw the bottle back and chugged every drop of alcohol mixed with cum. I was so fucking horny!

I had been waiting for Halloween. This little Submissive slut got exactly what I wanted! 

Submissive Whore

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